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You're reading bad fonts online, says leading typeface designer

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Jonathan Hoefler gave a talk at the Pivot: AIGA Design Conference on the subject of how best to adapt and design typefaces for the web.

forza font
forza font

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has uploaded a fascinating video of typeface designer Jonathan Hoefler speaking at its Pivot design conference last month. Hoefler is best known for designing the Hoefler Text family of fonts, which has been included in every version of Mac OS since System 7 in 1991, and his other clients include Rolling Stone, Harper's Bazaar, and Esquire. In the talk, Hoefler explores the question of how best to design and adapt fonts for use on the web. Right now, he argues, most web fonts are either under or over-designed, with little room for typefaces to be both functional and expressive.

Hoefler goes into detail on the specific ways the web can trip up fonts not designed for it, from screen resolution to browser rendering, and explains how his H&FJ team plans to work around these issues. The talk shouldn't be missed by anyone into design, or even people wondering what all the fuss surrounding Google's Roboto was about, so check the source below for the full video.