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Google Calendar adds option to hide morning and night hours

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Google released a new Labs feature for Google Calendar today, which lets you hide morning and night hours so you can see more of your calendar at once.

Google Calendar logo
Google Calendar logo

Google may be in the middle of a huge design overhaul and a big Google+ push, but it's not ignoring its other products entirely — the company announced today a new Labs feature for Google Calendar that lets you group morning and night hours, so you can see your whole day's schedule more easily. Once you enable the feature, you select a time period to group together; events in the hidden time periods still appear, just in a time slot like "12am-8am" instead of one per hour. By default, the tool groups the same number of hours in the morning and at night, but you can customize them individually. It's not nearly as cool as the accordion-style automatic collapsing of free time that we loved in webOS, but it's still a simple way to make your calendar easier to check.

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