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NTT Com unveils 600Gbps link between Japan and the US

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NTT Communications announces an industry-leading 600Gbps bandwidth between the US and Japan.


NTT Communications Corp is now running an industry-leading 600Gbps trans-Pacific link between the US and Japan — a connection that was updated to a 500Gbps capacity just four months ago. NTT Com's Global IP Network Service provides backbone connectivity to a variety of fixed and mobile ISPs, data center operators, and content providers. The bump in bandwidth is meant to accomodate the increased data demands of social media and cloud-computing platforms streaming data-intensive media.

NTT Com's cable was damaged during the March earthquake but quickly repaired according to the company. Some estimates at the time claimed that about half of the cables running across the Pacific were damaged causing traffic to slow between the US and Japan as it was rerouted over slower backup links. NTT Com's services started at 45Mbps in 1997 before making the jump to a full 1Gbps IP connection in 2000.