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Frictionless Facebook extension lets you bypass app installers when reading news

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The Google Chrome extension Frictionless, by Brian Kennish, is designed to remove the app installer requests that pop up when viewing a news story on Facebook.

Fricitonless Chrome extension for Facebook
Fricitonless Chrome extension for Facebook

Things were simpler in the early days of Facebook. You could share things as you pleased. The only members were verified college students. And you could click on a news story and read it, instead of being forced to install an app. While we'll never be able to return to an earlier Facebook era, Brian Kennish and Nik Cubrilovic's new Chrome extension Frictionless will let you read news articles without jumping through any hoops, just like the old days. So, for example, where you previously would be presented with an app installer (read: barrier) when you click on a news link, you're now forwarded directly to the article you wanted to read. The developer warns that there are some news sources this doesn't work with yet, and he'd love it if you let him know which ones are causing issues. If this all sounds promising to you, check the source link below to add Frictionless to Chrome.