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Daring Fireball's John Gruber on Twitter's reshuffle

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John Gruber has posted his analysis of the new update to Twitter, expressing concern at the cross-platform unification. Gruber supports native experiences such as the previous Tweetie application for iPhone.

new iphone twitter
new iphone twitter

Tonight's On The Verge guest John Gruber has posted an analysis of the new Twitter reshake, and specifically how it's affected the iPhone experience. The official iPhone app was based on Tweetie, which was bought by Twitter last year. (The developer, Loren Brichter, was hired at the time. Interestingly, as Gruber notes, he left Twitter just last month.) The microblogging service's new direction, according to Gruber, reflects a shift in priorities, with dedicated native apps from third parties potentially being sidelined — Twitter's guidelines state that third-party apps should provide an experience consistent with the main client. Tweetie was widely regarded as one of the best-designed iPhone apps available, with UI innovations such as pull-to-refresh being adopted by developers across the platform, and Twitter's attempt to unify interfaces across web and mobile has arguably nullified the tailor-made experience. Gruber's recommendation? Tweetbot, which — at least for now — still offers a native iPhone experience.