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Facebook now the most popular social network in Brazil

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Facebook has overtaken Orkut in Brazil to become the country's most popular social network. It was accessed by 36.1 million Brazilians in December 2011.

facebook brazil
facebook brazil

Facebook's continuing quest to dominate the globe has one less fortress of resistance. According to Comscore figures, the social networking service was accessed by 36.1 million Brazilian users in December, beating out Google's rival Orkut by over two million. Orkut had long been the number one online destination for people in Brazil, which has the fifth largest social networking userbase in the world, but Facebook more than tripled its growth in the country last year. Other services such as Tumblr and games site Vostu experienced similarly huge increases in use, while Orkut only managed 5 percent growth in 2011. This now leaves just a few holdouts yet to be swept along by Mark Zuckerberg's inexorable march — we imagine the owners of Japan's Mixi and South Korea's Cyworld will be looking over their shoulders a little more frequently. We'll see if Facebook is in a celebratory mood come tomorrow's mysterious event in San Francisco.