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ReBrick: Lego launches social media site

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Lego has launched a social media site called ReBrick, which indexes Lego-related content from all around the internet. It's designed to give users a platform to share their creations.

lego ipod dock
lego ipod dock

Lego has launched a social network of sorts, giving block builders everywhere a platform to share their creations. The site, called ReBrick, lets you browse and discover works of Lego art from anywhere on the internet. Submitting to the site couldn't be much simpler — just drop any Lego-related link in, and the site will extract picture or video information for display on the main page. It indexes content rather than hosting it, so it's more of a Lego-focused search engine than social network proper, and isn't intended to replace any of the already-vibrant communities on Flickr or elsewhere. ReBrick was apparently designed in collaboration with hundreds of Lego fanatics, and has been in private beta since December. It's open for general admission now, though, so check it out and see what you can find.

Photo credit: nakedcomms_cph on Flickr, found via ReBrick