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Flickr updates Pro pricing with three-month option, cheaper two-year subscription

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Yahoo updates Flickr Pro to include a new three-month subscription option, cheaper two-year pricing, and automatic renewals.


Yahoo unveiled some new price points for its Flickr Pro subscription this week, sure to appeal to customers not keen on a 12-month option. Flickr users who want to subscribe to the Pro service, which includes unlimited uploads, storage, and no ads, can now choose a three-month subscription for $6.95. The standard year-long subscription will still cost $24.95, but Flickr has dropped the two-year subscription to $44.95 from $47.99. New Flickr Pro accounts will also include automatic renewal with a notification near expiration and the option to cancel at anytime.

Flickr users have welcomed the changes, due to the shorter subscription period, but the question over site updates still remains. Flickr has largely remained stale over the past few years, with no significant changes or feature updates. Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites are now taking over photo sharing on the web, thanks to their sharing options and greater visual appeal. Flickr is a reliable photo sharing and storage service, but it could offer a lot more, potential that we'd like to see Yahoo invest more in.