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    / has rolled out a new private chat system that could help bolster it as a one-stop social music destination, even while Facebook and its music partners try to claim the space for their own.

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    When it comes to virtual DJ parties, it doesn't get much better than, but the service's communication options have been limited up to this point. That's changing with a newly-added private chat feature that will allow users to communicate directly with one another, away from the often chaotic public DJ rooms. The chat tab shows up in the lower left corner, and will look familiar to anyone that's used Facebook's ever-present chat system. Friends and DJs that you've become fans of are available, even if they're listening to Skrillex in one room while you're spinning M83 in another. The expected ignore, notification, and availability options are also present. It's a nice addition to the service, and could help it become more of an all-in-one social music destination — something that Facebook has been trying to edge in on with its "listen with friends" music integration. The new private chat system is available now.