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Facebook helps bump Digg's traffic by 35 percent

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Digg's traffic increased by 35 percent last month — the most since October 2010. The bump came with a 67 percent increase in referrals from Facebook thanks to the launch of the Digg Social Reader app that automatically shares what users are reading to the social network.

Digg logo
Digg logo

It looks like Digg just got a second lease on life thanks to social network powerhouse Facebook. The once-mighty Digg has seen usage drop precipitously since its redesign in August 2010, but in the month of January the site saw a 35 percent increase in traffic — the most since October 2010. The sudden turnaround is accounted for by a 67 percent increase in traffic coming from Facebook, and Digg says that the jump in referrals comes thanks to the Digg Social Reader app that was released in late December of last year. The app uses Facebook's "frictionless" sharing to constantly post everything you're reading to your profile and it gives you the option to pin stories to your Timeline. While we're sure Digg's happy to get the traffic boost, only time will tell if it's enough to keep the link sharing site alive. All we can tell for sure from the numbers is that Facebook's got quite a bit of muscle to push traffic around with.