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LogMeIn announces Cubby, cloud storage with a peer to peer twist

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LogMeIn’s Cubby offers 5GB of free storage, and unlimited peer-to-peer sharing


LogMeIn wants your stuff. The remote desktop software developer has announced Cubby, a cloud storage service that's offering 5GB of free space for your digital baubles, bolstered by unlimited peer to peer sharing. The service is currently in open beta, and LogMeIn is doling out invites intermittently.

Unlike Dropbox, which creates a single folder on your PC to stash your files, Cubby lets you convert any folder on your computer into a cloud-ready repository — which could be useful if you've got a particularly meticulous organization system. Both services let you share folders with individuals, through web interfaces or the desktop client.

Cubby offers 5GB of free storage, which is larger than Dropbox's 2GB, but you can get around that limit by skipping the cloud and transmitting files directly between your PCs, keeping them in sync whenever there's a network connection. You'll lose the ability to access those particular files from the web, but it's not a bad option if you've got massive files, or a photo library you'd like to keep in multiple places.

Cubby is available for PCs and Macs, though you'll need to sign up for the beta first. Once you're in, apps are already available for iOS and Android devices.