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Amazon's finger-friendly website redesign seemingly rolls out

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Amazon's redesigned website appears to be broadly rolling out.

Amazon website redesign stock 1024
Amazon website redesign stock 1024

Does look a little different for you recently? A little more streamlined, perhaps, a little easier to touch, a distinct lack of the traditional blue search bar? That's probably because the online retailer's website has received a pretty major redesign, and it's just recently rolled out to your neck of the woods. To tell you the truth, the design's actually been out for some time now — some of us at The Verge have been using it for weeks, and it's been in testing since August of last year — but we're recently receiving an influx of tips (and tweets) that suggest that Amazon just pushed hard to make the new look and feel available for more shoppers. The onus for the design tweaks are pretty clear: Amazon told the Wall Street Journal that it would help users of touchscreen devices (like tablets) better use the site, in an interview in September of last year.