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Google's head of web spam team broadly outlines how its search works

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Google's head of web spam outlines how Google Search works in a quick YouTube video, covering how they crawl the web, index the pages they find, and then rank them according to relevancy.

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Ever wonder how Google Search works? Google has put out a video answering just that, cramming what would likely be a ten-hour video into a more broad 8-minute "table of contents." Matt Cutts, the head of Google's web spam team, outlines the inner machinations of the search giant, including a comparison of their old crawling method (a slow, inefficient way to discover new content) and their new(er) method that breaks the web into chunks, allowing incremental (and therefore quicker) discovery and page ranking. If you have a question of your own or want to learn more about how Google works, you can jump into their Webmaster Forums or check out the Google Webmaster YouTube channel.