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Flickr adds long overdue web embeds

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The past few months have seen Flickr take some major strides forward in catching up to its younger photo-sharing competitors. It has a renewed web interface that's still being actively updated, modern apps for iPhone and Android that Yahoo can rightly be proud of, and a full terabyte of storage for every user. What it didn't have until now, though, was a comprehensive set of options for embedding its images on another webpage. Admittedly, that functionality isn't as critical as it once might have been, with most people now just tweeting or Facebooking the images they want to share, but offering it does build toward Flickr's goal of being a comprehensive photo portal.

The embed option can now be found under the sharing menu, with Flickr automatically adding attribution and its own logo as an overlay. You'll be able to browse other publicly shared photos from the same Flickr photostream inside the embed and, as always, Flickr promises to "never compress or resize your images." The service will also track how many views your shared photos and videos get on external sites, providing some feedback on how successful each embed has been.