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102-year-old toy catalog shows what rich children did for fun

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FAO Schwarz was founded in 1862, making it the oldest toy retailer in the US. Now, thanks to the Internet Archive, a brochure published in 1911 by the company's New York store — the inspiration for Home Alone 2's Duncan's Toy Chest — has been digitized. It shows toy tastes from a century ago with line drawings and early photographs. Prices range from 25 cents for glass beads, to a staggering $50 (upwards of $1,170 today) for a "handsomely painted" toy car. Some entries, such as those found on the page devoted to hammocks, or the polished hardwood hoop designed to be beaten down a street with a stick, would be difficult sells to modern kids. But browse further and you'll realize that many of the catalog's other offerings — dolls, strollers, wagons, and kites — can still be found in modern toy stores.