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The Verge Weekender!

The Weekender: Terminator Genisys, SpaceX, and smart condoms

The Weekender: Seinfeld, insane worms, and the quantified sex life

The Weekender: Inside Out, E3, and the Isle of Man TT

The Weekender: DARPA Robots, racing drones, and science frauds

The Weekender: Tidal according to Jay Z and Uber's birthday party

The Weekender: Sundar Pichai, Oculus Rift, and an artificial language

The Weekender: Eurovision, IndyCar, and cybersecurity extortion

The Weekender: Rats, self-driving semi-trucks and NASA's 'impossible engine'

The Weekender: Slot machines, Periscope pirates, and solar flight

The Weekender: Bacteria in beer, The Witcher 3's fantasy world and Ford's CEO

The Weekender: Rube Goldberg, Age of Ultron, and MDMA

The Weekender: Formula E racing, internet astrology, and the oceans' garbage vortexes

The Weekender: Apple Watch, Furious 7, and Instagram for doctors

The Weekender: Max Headroom, Justin Bieber's roast, and Facebook's misguided nostalgia

What to do, see, and read this weekend

What to do, see, and read this weekend