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What's in your bag

What people choose to carry with them every day can say a lot about a person. This was the founding idea behind the What’s in your bag? interview series. So whether it’s Verge staff, musicians, movie stars, or tech giants, we pry into their bag and their psyche to see what they use every day, in order to see what possessions have earned a prized spot among their personal items and why. What’s the story behind the stickers they have on their laptop? Why do they keep using an older model iPhone instead of upgrading? What headphones do they prefer to use for travel versus in the studio? Why they swear by a certain type of gum? Why so many dongles?

What’s in your bag, 3lau?

He means business

What’s in your bag, Oliver Tree?

Come for the memes, stay for the music

What’s in your bag, RÜFÜS DU SOL?

Headphones, headphones, headphones... and a humidifier mask

The Creators Issue

The people who make our favorite things and the platforms that enable (and exploit) them

What’s in your bag, Anne-Marie?

Scrunchies. A lot of scrunchies.

What’s in your bag, Matoma?

A stuffed animal is a necessity

What’s in your bag, Marlon James?

Pens, paper, and turmeric tea

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The Creators Issue

What’s In Your Bag, Allie X?

Her bare essentials — like a wig comb

What’s in your bag, HONNE?

A Nintendo Switch, backstage passes and... swimming goggles?

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The Creators Issue

What’s in your bag, Marques Brownlee?

RED cameras, Surface headphones, contact lenses, and everything else a YouTuber needs at CES

What’s in your bag, A R I Z O N A?

Gaming gear, love letters, and a half-eaten sandwich

What’s in your bag, Claude VonStroke?

Creative toys and a dash of silly fun

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The Creators Issue

What’s in your bag, Simon Stålenhag?

Don’t be afraid to make horrible art

What’s In Your Bag, The Regrettes?

The pop-punk band describes themselves as ‘perfectly imperfect’

What’s in your bag, Jess Glynne?

Beauty essentials and... a tube?

What’s In Your Bag, R3hab?

Healthy living on the road

What’s in your bag, Tyler Alvarez?

Aquaphor, a Pentax K-1000, an inhaler, and more from one of the stars of Netflix’s American Vandal

What’s In Your Bag, Alison Wonderland?

Who needs to check luggage, anyhow?

What’s in your bag, Lakeith Stanfield?

A star of Get Out, Atlanta, and now Sorry to Bother You breaks down the contents of his fanny pack.

What’s in your bag, Krewella?

Memories, mindfulness, and music

What’s in Your Bag, Jon Hopkins?

A curation of tiny rituals

What’s in your bag, The Knocks?

Robots and glitter and cameras

What’s In Your Bag, Kimbra?

Purposefully pared down