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What you need to know about cameras

What you need to know about cameras


Picture perfect

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I love my new camera, even though I have little understanding of how it works. I recently wrote about the Fuji X100T, which I swear is less complicated than its Terminator-esque name would have you believe. I love how it looks, how it feels, how its pictures look like the photographs I used to take on my mother's SLR. Plus, the X100T is so easy to use, that my not knowing much about its inner-workings, or even some assumed photography basics, doesn't prevent me from enjoying the experience of photography. In fact, it's been a belated re-entry point.

Now, I want to know the nitty-gritty — even if I don't have to. To learn about the scope of cameras, I invited resident photography expert Sean O'Kane to this week's episode of What's Tech?. But beware, this week's episode begins with a particularly spooky story.

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