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Wilderness Week

The sounds in your backyard are unique, go record them

Odds are a hawk won’t steal your pet, but you should still be cautious

President Obama just quadrupled the size of a protected marine reserve off Hawaii

Meet the Facebook group calling out fake nature photography

Google Doodle celebrates the diverse beauty of US National Parks

All Queens Must Die

On Santa Cruz Island, they killed the cows, sheep, and bees. Now it’s time to finish the job

Tour Yosemite in virtual reality with Barack Obama

Climate Hackers: One man’s plan to stop global warming by shooting particles into the atmosphere

I trapped lizards in Los Angeles because their DNA holds secrets

This stream has:

Wilderness Week: cool trees, tiny lizards, big parks, and more!

Bat lickers lick bats in bat cave, get caught

The best outdoor gear for camping, hiking, and exploring nature

Bill Nye discusses our nation's parks and why Earth is the best place to live

Uprooted: how climate change may kick off an artificial migration of trees

Welcome to Wilderness Week!