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While not a household name in the US, Xiaomi sells more phones worldwide than anyone but Samsung and Apple. Unlike Huawei, it isn't banned from selling phones in the US; it just doesn't. That's too bad because Xiaomi's phones are rarely boring — Recent examples include foldables, phones that can charge at 200W, and one with a massive one-inch Sony image sensor. Beyond phones, Xiaomi makes TVs, air purifiers, smart home devices, fitness bands, and lighting products, among others.

That’s a lot of cameras on Xiaomi’s new foldable.

Founder and CEO Lei Jun has announced a launch date for Xiaomi’s latest foldable, the Mix Fold 3, alongside a short teaser trailer. We’re not expecting the phone to be available outside of China given Xiaomi’s previous foldables, so we’ll have to appreciate its massive four-strong camera bump from afar.

Xiaomi enters the mix for hot foldable summer.

Less than a day after Samsung announced its new foldables, Xiaomi is teasing the Mix Fold 3, which will be announced in China next month with an interesting rear quad-camera setup and Leica branding.

Let this serve as a reminder that a) hot foldable summer is alive and kicking and b) China gets a lot of foldables that never make their way to the West.

A promotional photo showing a foldable phone in shadow.
Image: Xiaomi

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