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YouTube launched in 2005 as a video sharing platform, and was acquired by Google (now Alphabet) in 2006. It has built an entire community of creators that run channels dedicated to topics like gaming, tech reviews, and beauty. It also houses news videos and entertainment such as music videos, movie trailers, and clips from late-night TV shows. YouTube’s rapid growth has not been without problems. YouTubers typically make money from ads that run in front of their videos, but if they break the platform’s rules, their channels and videos can be demonetized. Executives and moderators have worked to combat harassment, misinformation, terrorist propaganda, hate content, and other abuse. The Verge runs two YouTube channels, The Verge and Verge Science.

A look inside the new Apple Watches.

Don’t bother trying to open up your brand-new Apple Watch S9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2iFixit has done it for you.

The quick jaunt through the watches’ guts will look familiar if you’ve ever seen one of iFixit’s Apple Watch teardowns, but there are some small differences to be found inside, like a higher-capacity, hard-shell battery in both.

How do you do, fellow kids?

NPR reports that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has been on the meme train for years, has released an album called We’re Safety Now Haven’t We.

Its seven tracks remind you to wear a helmet, not to look at your phone while walking, and uh, not to shoot fireworks at other people.

Honestly, they’re kind of bops? Is that what you say? Sorry, I’m 40.

Fix-it videos are the best part of YouTube.

When the scroll wheel on my seven-year-old MX Master got stuck in free-spinning mode, I nearly bought a new mouse. Instead, I found this excellent YouTube video and fixed the dang thing in under fifteen minutes.

This is just today’s example, and today’s appreciation post for the people who upload DIY repair videos. You’re the real MVPs.

Sega knows where its Sonic bread is buttered.

The company dropped a new track from Sonic Superstars, the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog sidescroller, on YouTube this week (via BleedingCool).

It’s everything a sonic tune should be — catchy, energetic, jazzy synth filled with earworm riffs. It is, in fact, a bop. Its October 17th release date can’t come fast enough.

Here I am on Marketplace Tech talking about YouTube, AI, and copyright law.

My three loves, all in one place. More from me about all of it in this piece!

How does Helen Mirren pronounce Helen Mirren?

Are we all saying Rihanna wrong? It’s “Louie” not “Lewis” in Julia Louis-Dreyfus, right?

I’m deeply grateful for this single-purpose YouTube channel, which is filled with hundreds of roughly four-second-long clips of celebrities saying their own names.

You will not be surprised to learn that the channel’s number one video, with 3.9 million views, is a clip of Cillian Murphy saying “Cillian.”

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Google is rolling out live lyrics in YouTube Music.

The live lyrics in Apple Music are pretty handy, so it’s nice to see them come to people using YouTube Music. Seems like a big improvement over the previous lyrics feature, too.

(I guess you can skip this ad, if you really want to?)

YouTube is testing a new “skip ads” button that makes it just a bit harder to see that you’re able to skip ahead. A spokesperson confirmed the test to Search Engine Land.

YouTube’s new “Skip ads” button is now in testing.
YouTube’s new “Skip ads” button is now in testing.
Image: Search Engine Land
There’s beauty in the impractical.

YouTuber Nick Zetta decided to try to power a gaming PC with a miniature V8 engine — which I just found out is something you can buy.

It wasn’t as simple as shoving some wires in. He used pulleys, a pair of golf cart motors, a power regulator, rubber belts, an accelerator pedal, and a DIY motor mount. For his computer.

Linus Tech Tips pauses production as controversy swirls

What started as criticism over errors in recent YouTube videos has escalated into allegations of sexual harassment, prompting the company to hire an outside investigator.

Gaze at my blissfully zen YouTube homepage.

I have had YouTube watch history off for years now, and the platform’s new attempt to get people to turn it back on by blanking out the homescreen is... well, it’s wonderful. Honestly more platforms should blank out recommendations on the homescreen and just let you search for things. Thanks, YouTube! (We have a how-to if you want to get this enabled for yourself, of course.)

A blank YouTube homescreen showing no recommendations
Today on The Vergecast: the future of sports is the future of TV, and it might just all be YouTube.

College football conferences: super confusing, ultimately made up, and surprisingly important to the future of entertainment. Oh, and if you haven’t seen The YouTube Effect yet, this podcast will still make total sense, but you should add it to your watch list for sure.

Planet of the Bass is good — great, even — but let us not forget Elektronik Supersonik.

For no reason other than I immediately thought of it when Planet of the Bass landed, I implore you to watch (or re-watch) Elektronik Supersonik by Santo Cilauro (AKA Zlad), a YouTube classic.

But I won’t make you watch the original 17-year-old upload — I mean, you can if you want — instead, I present it here in crispy HD.