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YouTube launched in 2005 as a video sharing platform, and was acquired by Google (now Alphabet) in 2006. It has built an entire community of creators that run channels dedicated to topics like gaming, tech reviews, and beauty. It also houses news videos and entertainment such as music videos, movie trailers, and clips from late-night TV shows. YouTube’s rapid growth has not been without problems. YouTubers typically make money from ads that run in front of their videos, but if they break the platform’s rules, their channels and videos can be demonetized. Executives and moderators have worked to combat harassment, misinformation, terrorist propaganda, hate content, and other abuse. The Verge runs two YouTube channels, The Verge and Verge Science.

YouTube Music now suggests your favorite speaker for playback

YouTube’s new tool for brands means you don’t have to see the same ads nauseam

YouTube now highlights the most replayed parts of videos to let you skip the boring parts

Wear OS users can finally stream music on the YouTube Music app

YouTube TV launches new Spanish-language plans

YouTube’s memberships gifting feature launches Wednesday, but in beta to start

Meta, TikTok, and YouTube may finally have to start sharing data with researchers

YouTube Live stole one of Twitch’s best features and managed to make raids better

YouTube is testing ads on its short-form answer to TikTok, Shorts

Google parent Alphabet’s Q1 profits dropped by more than $1 billion compared to 2021

YouTube’s tipping feature is now available to more creators

Google Cloud’s Media CDN lets companies build on the network that keeps YouTube running

FAA will revoke YouTuber’s pilot license after plane crash video

YouTube will exclusively stream 15 MLB games this season

YouTube Shorts now allows creators to splice in long-form videos

YouTube is recovering from outage, fixing sidebar and casting

YouTube’s picture-in-picture iOS test for premium subscribers is over, and a full rollout isn’t ready yet

YouTubers are sick of comment spam, so YouTube is testing a stricter moderation system

Vevo to ‘review’ security after YouTube feeds for Lil Nas X, Justin Bieber, and others were hacked

Snapchat now lets you share YouTube videos as a sticker in your snap

Disney Streaming’s new CTO is a former Google exec who worked on the tech behind YouTube

YouTube is finally rolling out picture-in-picture mode for YouTube TV on iOS

Russian regulator says it will fine Google over Ukraine war videos

YouTube TV is testing surround sound on Android TV, Google TV, and Roku

YouTube is taking on over-the-air TV with nearly 4,000 free episodes of TV

Fringe YouTubers are profiting off-platform

Vimeo is telling creators to suddenly pay thousands of dollars — or leave the platform

Virtual podcast events are bringing in six-figure earnings

Google forces YouTube Vanced to shut down ‘due to legal reasons’

Hulu with Live TV is adding unlimited DVR for free

YouTube is now blocking Russian state-funded media worldwide

RT and Sputnik have been blocked in Europe for over a week

YouTube is reportedly paying podcasters to film their shows